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Buddycast Host Nick Sorensen

Buddycast is an online live streamed show in which guests/buddies are interviewed about what makes them unique such as careers, hobbies, talents, stories, etc. Buddycast is the chance to share positive stories in the world we live in today.
Buddycast was created in 2020 during the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic where people seemed to be falling to negativity such as responding harshly to the daily news or longing for the days where everything was considered “normal.” Buddycast is the chance to hear people’s stories and leave the outside world for a change. People now and days need their buddies to remind them of the good times. Thus Buddycast.

Buddycast has interviewed a variety of different people with all sorts of talents from the incredible actor and comedian Sinbad to the local school teacher who is battling cancer. Buddycast gives guests a chance to tell their stories in order to connect with guests and make them feel as though they are not alone, especially in uncertain times.


Buddycast can be found primarily on Facebook but also on multiple platforms including Spotify, Anchor, and more. We encourage everyone to reach out if they have a story worth sharing and we hope to inspire millions with our show. To learn more about Buddycast and view the amazing buddies we have had on the show visit our Facebook page or Videos through our website!

Now Go Be Someone's Buddy!

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