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Buddy Blog Day 1: What is a Buddy?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

What is a buddy? This is one of my favorite questions to ask guests (or as I call them buddies) that come on Buddycast. A lot of guests will tell me the same answer in different wording. Some guest really do get creative though and come up with some truly inspirational answers. To me however, there's a difference between a friend and a buddy.

You see when buddies answer this question here are some of the qualities I often hear that makes a buddy...

  • Reliable

  • Friendly

  • Honest

  • Caring

  • Open

  • Trustworthy

  • Helpful

  • Conversational

  • Sense of Humor

  • Relatable

  • And more

You see however, I think there's more to a buddy than just a friend. I say a friend is someone you call up in say three years and say "hey let's grab a drink or meal and catch up, it's been a while" then you go to said meal or drink and have a fun time.

A buddy however, is the person you call in say five years or more to say "I need some good people on that altar with me on one of the most important days of my life" or even more important the people who will one day be laying you in the ground saying a final goodbye buddy see you on the other side. Only then will the day come that you get to embrace them on the other side when you are both reunited.

People often think to reach this level of buddyhood it takes a lot of time and development, just like a romantic relationship. However, as much as that may be true as in yes it does take a bit of time and definitely building, it's not as hard as you think. In the beginning all it takes is a compliment, a smile, a helping hand when in need, even just a simple introduction.

Let me tell you about meeting one of my best buddies. Long ago in 1999 a new neighbor moved into a house down the road from me. I was not one back then to be shy and let them settle in. I instantly begged my mother to take me down to see if they had any kids I could meet and become friends with. Low and behold a boy my age was moving in as well. We met, we started to hang out, and within days we became friends. Soon that friendship would evolve into something greater as this man instantly became my best friend. To this day my buddy Anthony is in med school and will be standing on that altar with me in 2022 or 2023 when I marry my other best buddy Jessica.

Tony was one of the first friends to look past my dwarfism and just say "he's my friend Nick." To this day that is exactly how he views me. He never refers to me as a little person or a dwarf or anything of the sorts. If anyone were to harass me and call me names like "midget" and he was in earshot, he'd be the first to step up and defend me. The same goes for me. I have Tony's back until the end of time and know for a fact he's going to make a fantastic doctor!

So let me ask you this today... how do you describe a buddy? Who are your buddies in life? Who are the people that not only you can call and catch up with after a few years, but can rely on for the most important moments in life such as a wedding or one last proper goodbye? That is what being a buddy is all about. Now do me one more favor and today go out and be someone's buddy!


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