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Day 2- Working on a dream

Bruce Springsteen, one of my favorite artists, once sang "I'm working on a dream. Though sometimes it feels so far away. I'm working on a dream. And I know it will be mine someday!"

It was the summer of 2020 and the world was basically going to pots. COVID was just beginning to ramp up, there was (still kind of is) a heavy division in politics, and it seemed as though you said hello to someone on the street and got greeted with a not very buddy-like gesture telling you that you are #1 in return. The negatives were definitely outweighing the positives.

I thought to myself "what this world needs is a feel good story, a laugh, something to help them forget their troubles for just an hour or so. But from that story they need a lesson, a lesson on positivity or how to turn a bad day into a good day." The question was, how? Then it hit me.

I knew this famous person by the name of Patch Adams. Patch and I were pen pals. So often I would write to him for advice on clowning back when I was a clown, advice on good distractions, and advice on positivity. I thought if anyone knows how to stay positive and excessively happy during a pandemic it is Patch! I pitched the idea to my boss and he loved it. "If you can get an interview with Patch then we will gladly put this on our website!" Next issue, getting in touch with Patch without waiting a week for a returned letter.

Remember my best buddy Anthony? A few years ago Anthony was working on his dream to get into med school and needed a little encouragement. I asked Patch in a letter if he could send my buddy some encouragement just a little note to give him that kick to strive for the dream and not give up hope. A week later Anthony calls me and tells me that he got a package in the mail from Patch with three books and a personal note of encouragement. It was not long after that Anthony got an acceptance letter into medical school. Even after he got into med school Anthony kept in touch with Patch and helped him with a favor once. I quickly reached out to Anthony to see if he had any contact information for Patch minus the address. Low and behold Anthony passed me along a phone number.

I called Patch and he agreed to the interview provided he can promote his hospital. When the big day came it was one of the best days of my career. Patch gave great advice just like I had hoped for. It was a success.

I left that interview feeling accomplished and proud. I also felt like a spark had ignited in me. Boy wouldn't this be great to do on the side like as a podcast or something? Just interviewing people about what makes them unique like their careers, their hobbies, talents, stories, or more! For then it was just a thought nothing to it.

That thought did not leave me though. For at least the next week I found myself laying in bed thinking about the concept. Along with positivity and happiness this world needs a buddy. I have plenty of buddies I can talk to that have unique stories such as family friends with awesome careers, entertainers, people with success stories, people who know other people, and so much more! Most of all it can't hurt to just reach out and ask as I learned from my two moths at a sales position. What struck me most was the word "Buddy."

You see the term "Buddy" has a strong meaning to me. It was a name given to me by my grandfather "Hey Buddy how you doing, you see that Yankee game last night Jeter was crushing it!" What if I could take all the lessons Papa taught me and transmit them into a podcast that talks to guests about why they are so unique? For a half hour to an hour just talk to people about why they do what they do. Talk to them about their stories. Talk about who they are and what they do. Then the name came to me like a flash of lightning..."Buddycast."

I pitched the idea to my now fiancé in order to get her approval and make sure that she knew this was something I was passionate about and not just some fling or whacky momentary idea. I threw the idea to her prepared for a million questions to make sure I was ready and serious. The only question she asked was "not only do I support this idea, but can I be your first guest?" Which would have been my next question.

Ever since Jess gave me the go-ahead, Buddycast became what it is to this day. Thanks to the power of StreamYard I have the ability to talk to guests (or as I call them Buddies) face to face while also live streaming the conversation so our viewers can interact and ask questions themselves. Almost 200 episodes later and that little dream I once had has become more than a reality. The dream has become almost 200 episodes filled with actors, comedians, business owners, magicians, musicians, artists, authors, jugglers, impersonators, cartoonists, motivational speakers, and more! Buddycast has talked to legends as well including Actor and Comedian Sinbad, Actor Larry Thomas from Seinfeld, Stephen Tobolowski from Groundhog Day, John Mahon from the Elton John Band, Magician Jeff McBride, Bill Klien from TLC's The Little Couple, and more. The best part is, we're just getting warmed up! As my magician buddies have taught me I can't give away any secrets, but let's just say we have some good names on our horizon!

One other important thing Buddycast allowed me to do is raise money for charity. In October I gathered some of my great magician buddies and told them I wanted them to help me with a live streamed show for charity. That night we raised over $700 for Little People of America. Then in November one of our good buddies was hit by a car and we brought the charity show back and managed to raise over $100. After that we decided to make this a monthly show and have raised a grand total of over $4,000 for select causes. Most recently I gathered a few new buddies into the mix such as singer Adam Chester, Motivational Speaker Adonis Rosell, and Voice Actor Bob West (Barney) and we were able to raise over $1,000 for a family friend who has a one-year-old daughter in need of heart surgery.

My long message here today for you is please, follow your dreams! You never know what they will lead to. If you went back to even 2019 and told me all of this would be my near future I would have responded with "I'll have what you're having!" Now all of this success has translated into one word "Buddycast!"

In the comments below I want you to tell me a dream that you have and either what is keeping you from going after it, or how you plan to tackle it this year? If you have a success story about a dream you followed please let us know in the comments. You never know who you will inspire!


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