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Day 3: The Secret Formula to Buddycast Guests

One of my favorite bible verses is Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

People always ask me all the time, how do I get such amazing and notable guests on the show? As if I have a secret formula or some method that allows me to get celebrities or notable buddies to agree to come on the show for an interview. Do you want to know the real secret however...


Just ask. That's it. Plain and simple. No extra details like payments or special agreements, just simple outreach. A simple online message to the right person or platform. Can't hurt honestly.

You see back in 2019 I was fresh out of college looking for a job. I ended up landing a temporary sales training position with our local minor league baseball team. They promised me up to two months and that was it. By February I was relieved of the position due to my lack of sales standings. As much as I was hurt by not keeping the position I am grateful for the opportunity as it did teach me many valuable lessons in outreach, networking, and most importantly the art of sales.

Recruiting for Buddycast is very similar to sales. A lot of cold messaging to see if your next potential guest would be interested in joining you for an episode to discuss what makes them unique. Quite often I find myself making calls to guests to discuss the opportunity more with them. I find myself sending an email to a representative or the figure themselves to explain the situation more. Hence why I came up with my rundown "A show that talks face to face with guests (or as I call them Buddies) about what makes them unique such as careers, hobbies, stories, talents, and more. We want to talk to _______ about their (insert career, hobby, story, talent, etc...)."

When ever reaching out to potential guests I always like to state my credibility to show that this isn't just some neighborhood podcast that is trying their luck with a celebrity who has over 100 films and a television series under their belt. Thankfully because of some great buddies, a little luck, a lot of prayer, and some good sales tactics I was able to develop a bit of a resume for Buddycast guests as many notable names have come to the show. Those names include the following...

  • Actor and Comedian Sinbad.

  • Comedian Greg Morton.

  • Actor Larry Thomas from Seinfeld.

  • Actor Stephen Tobolowski from Groundhog Day.

  • Percussionist John Mahon from the Elton John Band.

  • Voice Actor Bob West (Barney the Dinosaur).

  • Actor David Newell (Mr. McFeely from Mister Rogers Neighborhood).

  • Actor Doug E. Doug from Cool Runnings.

  • Magician Jeff McBride.

  • NFL Legend Vince Papale.

  • Comedian Tammy Pescatelli.

  • Voice Actor Kenny James (Bowser).

  • Guitarist Jimmy Stafford.

  • Even Harlem Globetrotters Herb Lang and Nate Lofton.

Each and every one of these buddies were once a dream that I simply reached out to in some way or another and just offered a simple invite to. Sure some of these people I have met at comedy clubs, comic cons, through apps like Cameo, or even through other buddies, however all it took was a simple invitation and before you knew it a new buddy emerges.

A good success story I love to share is someone I consider a crown jewel of Buddycast my buddy Sinbad. I met Sinbad through the app Cameo. A friend mentioned it to me on another episode of Buddycast and I thought I would take a look just for the heck of it. Through Cameo I found Sinbad and saw that for a good price you could have a Zoom call with him for ten minutes. Ten minutes was all I needed really, and if I wasn't so lucky then hey I get to meet someone I grew up watching in movies like Jingle All The Way or Good Burger. Sinbad and I met and I was sitting in my chair with my backdrop at the time because it was my favorite seat in the house. Sinbad was the one who brought up the question "Now what's Buddycast?" Every alarm bell and wake up call was ringing in my head this was my chance one shot one opportunity give it everything you have got! I gave him the rundown that you read above with what Buddycast is and what we talk about. This wowed Sinbad, then it was time for the pitch. I risked it all and asked Sinbad to be a buddy on Buddycast... he agreed and we later on made it happen! Sinbad was a true and genuine buddy who gave honest answers and was truly real. Like I said a crown jewel.

Other pathways to other buddies have been a bit simpler such as reaching out o another crown jewel of ours John Mahon from the Elton John Band, again all you have to do is ask and sometimes the answer will shock you! If you impress them enough sometimes you can ask again and they will return.

Now as many times as I have gotten success from asking, I have also encountered failures. I have dealt with a great deal of rejection when it comes to Buddycast. Sometimes I have had my head in the clouds and tried to bite off more than I can chew only to get put in my place or told this won't happen. When reaching out to who I thought or think are the people for one of my idols I was really put in my place being told he's up here statuswise and you are there do you really think you have a chance? Sometimes rejection has come in a different form like when an actor who had a minor role in a hit film asks for $1,000 for one hour on the show. That may not be their rejection, but it may not be happening on our end :) However if my short time in sales has taught me anything it's that a rejection is not always permanent. Sometimes a rejection is simply a "not right now" or "come back with a stronger pitch." This has been proven to me through the show where I have reached out to the celebrities people and got rejected yet found a different route such as a mutual buddy or meeting the individual at a convention and got them to agree to the idea and guided with the correct pathway for connections.

Overall my message to you buddies tonight is simple, if you want something, don't be afraid to ask. That is the secret formula to Buddycast. There is no better way than with a question just like when you ask the love of your life to marry you. Overall you'll never know the answer until you ask and until you ask the answer will always be no. Go back to the end of that sales position I was let go from and tell me that it is going to be okay because one day here is the list of people you will sell an idea to, I would have thought you were nuts, but in reality you would have been correct.

So let me ask you this, what dreams are you holding on to that can be resolved with a simple question? What is keeping you from asking? Fear of rejection? Like I said the answer is always no until you ask. You never know though if you play your cards right you might just receive what you are asking for.

Now #gobesomeonesbuddy

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