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Post #4: Taking care of the best buddy (you)

Elton John is with out a doubt my favorite. He released a new song back when he made his film "Rocketman" called "(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again." I absolutely love the lyrics to this song "I'm gonna love me again. Check in on my very best friend. Find the wind to fill my sails. Rise above the broken rails." This song reminds me a lot about how sometimes we need to take care of our best buddy, ourselves.

Recently I caught a bug that has been going around work. This has caused me to slow down from my day to day life where I am running around like mad scheduling Buddycasts, going to work, running errands, and so on. Anyone who knows me knows it's tough for me to spend a day doing nothing, yet at the same time I could if given the opportunity spend the whole day resting. While laying here fighting off this bug I thought to myself, have I checked in on my health lately besides this sickness? Not just my physical health obviously, but what about my mental health? What about my happiness? What about my spiritual health? No wonder I fell sick this week.

This had me thinking, what are my favorite self care methods? Back in 2020 when the pandemic hit it's peak I found myself going on walks around my neighborhood. I created Buddycast to get away from all the negativity in the world and just hear some positive, feel good stories. Jess can attest I LOVE listening to music. At the end of the day I always lay in bed and watch some cool videos on YouTube like scenes from my favorite tv shows.

I decided to ask some of my buddies what their favorite self care methods are as well. I got some tremendous answers in response. Here is a list of what makes this buddy bounce back after a long day and a list of what helps my buddies as well...

Buddy's (mine) List

Go for a nice walk.

Eat a good meal (Thank you Mom and Jess)

Watch a funny or motivational movie.

Listen to music.

Talk to friends.

Host a Buddycast.

Do stand up comedy.

Take a shower.

Talk with Jess about life.

Play with Nugget (the Buddycast mascot)

Visit family.

Watch YouTube videos.



Go to an arcade.

Spend time in prayer

Visit some of my favorite small shops.

Read a good book.

Listening to vinyl.

Really just push away the outside world and focus on what matters most.

Buddies (others) list

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