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Every buddy that joins an episode of Buddycast can give you a story about their time on the show. Even listeners can give you a reason or two on why they love tuning in to Buddycast. Hear it from the buddies themselves…

  • “Buddycast is for people who struggle with relationships, feel kind of alone, feel kind of lost sometimes, basically which could be many of us at times. Nick clearly wanted to promote a particular place, a particular platform where these people’s needs are addressed.” – Marty Grabstein, The Voice of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

  • “I was delighted to chat with Nick Sorensen and have the opportunity to connect with so many followers/listeners of Buddycast. By giving him the first exclusive interview on our Elton Expo-75 event, we gained immediate attention within the Elton community. Nick did a great job and we look forward to chatting on Buddycast again soon.” – Kevin Bell, East End Lights Magazine and Host of Elton Expo 75.

  • “Being invited on the show Buddycast by my buddy Nick was a true honor. Having the opportunity to catch up with a friend while talking about my passion football was something I truly enjoyed. The world needs more buddies, so become one today.”- Mark Brooks, Football Coach.

  • “Buddycast is a great podcast with a great message behind it. I love the message that Buddycast stands for, and Nick’s energy from our episode together was radiant.”- Michael Balko, Fellow Podcaster.

  • "Buddycast had more of an impact on me personally. I am making an honest effort to be of someone's buddy. Actually all of my acquaintances are more of my buddies now. Honestly I took the message to heart and I think my friends appreciate e being more their buddy."- Mike Brennan, Erie Unknown.

  • "Buddycast has been a wonderful experience. As a working magician, it gave me the opportunity to share my story with a wider audience. This exposure has resulted in increased interest in my own social channels as well as several bookings that were a direct result of my appearance on the podcast. Plus Nick is simply delightful as a host and we have had a lot of fun during my appearances."- Trent Rentsch, Magician.

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